Best Small Business Ideas for 2019

Today, we discuss the best small business ideas that you can start for 2019.

Small Business Idea

Best Small Business Ideas for 2019

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping
  2. Consulting
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Food Business
  5. Freelance Writer
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Online or E-Commerce Business
  8. Photography
  9. Social Media Marketing
  10. Website Development and Design

Setting up your own business in the Philippines is already an achievable milestone to almost anyone who has the desire to put their dream into reality. Some opportunities might require an educational background such as in Business, IT or Marketing, but, most times, in today’s day and age, doing business is already doable even without any degree. What you need is a proper mindset, vision, and action. Of course, an internet connection and a computer too!

Managing your own small business is a reward in itself. You become your own boss, you gain a work-life balance, and you get to generate your own income. It’s not going to be easy, but, if your goal is to be wealthy, it will require dedication, motivation, hard work, and smart decisions.

Are you ready to kickstart your small business venture?

Here is a list of small business ideas that you can explore in no particular order.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

There are many small companies, entrepreneurs or startups who have no skill or knowledge about business accounting. If you are a licensed CPA or expert in accounting and bookkeeping, you are in luck because you can help a lot of small business with their personal and business finances and make a consistent profit from your professional services.


If you are an expert in a specific industry, why not use that skill set to help companies who need consulting services? You have the know-how, you know the ins-and-outs of the business, you can constantly make solutions. These are assets that you could use to assist small businesses to grow their company.

Starting a consulting career is always a great idea since you can work in your own flexible terms.

Digital Marketing

The internet is where your business should be. An online marketing strategy can make wonders to your business, most especially, to increase your web traffic and your profit. You can hire a digital marketing company or a freelance internet marketer practically anywhere. Just search for a reliable SEO Agency in the Philippines in Google or in relevant search engines and you should be able to see a list of reliable digital marketers in the country.

You may need to know basic knowledge of web development and design, social media and content marketing, SEO, SEM, and graphic design to start.

Food Business

Who does not love to eat?

Starting your own food business is always a great choice for potential entrepreneurship. It’s easy and convenient to start. You can find a franchise business of your interest or you can sell your own food idea. The most interesting part of selling food is that you can already do it online, anywhere, anytime!

Freelance Writer

Content creation for a business is possibly one of the best telecommute work-from-home opportunity available for you. To start your freelance writing career, you only need a pen, paper, and ability to publish it online. It’s that easy!

There are tons of available opportunities for you in the market, you could offer SEO content for websites, write articles for blogs, and a lot more.

Graphic Design

Digital art and branding are two aspects of a business that never loses importance. There’s always a graphic design market opportunity for you, but, you need to put in the work to get a continuous stream of customers. If you have a creative feel for design, graphic design is a good startup business option.

Online or E-Commerce Business

E-commerce is one market that you can expect to continuously grow in the next 5 to 10 years. Although rather slow, the growth of the e-commerce industry is moderately increasing. In the Philippines, some still choose to go to nearby malls to shop. However, it’s evident that e-commerce in the country is becoming more acceptable due to the convenience it provides.

Building your own online or e-commerce business will help you become very wealthy. Imagine your business working for you day in and day out. Look at Lazada Philippines and Shopify, for example.


To some, taking photos is only a hobby. To others, photography is an art which requires keen skills like attention to detail, technical photography skills, creativity, and concentration. If you are someone who loves photography and who has a talent in making beautiful photographs and images, then, Photography services might be the right small business idea for you.

Social Media Marketing

In 2016, there are 48 million active social media users in the Philippines. Imagine the potential reach if you’ll just try.

If you know how to plan and formulate a social media strategy for a company. Social Media Marketing may be a very lucrative business.

Do you have the qualifications of a social media marketer? If you are not yet that confident, you could try to connect with NextMedia Philippines. They are a social media marketing company offering reasonable service rates. You can contact them for business partnerships. Bring and recommend clients, and, they will take care of the rest.

Website Development and Design

Businesses are looking for freelancers and companies who can build a user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and SEO-ready website for them. Compared to print brochures and advertisements, a website is far more effective in getting conversions. It can reach a wide array of audiences by gender, geography, behavior and a lot more. In most cases, web development and design service are much more affordable and sustainable in the long-term.

If you know HTML, CSS, JS, Content Management System (e.g. WordPress or Drupal), then, you should go try and consider managing your own web development company in the Philippines.

Still stuck with your 8 AM to 5 PM job? Don’t worry, many share the same dilemma as you. Nonetheless, if you truly want to go into entrepreneurship, you have to make the decision to start your business venture. Choose your desired business wisely.

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